Trans Resources for Austin Locals

This is everything I currently know about but I know that there are a lot more trans resources in Austin. If you are aware of any I didn’t mention, please let me know.

Grace and Frankie Retrospective

Not too long ago, I was hanging out with my mom and we ended up watching the first two episodes of a show called Grace and Frankie. It brought up memories and with those memories, came some heavier than average feelings. I’ve already written and rewritten this article about seven times. It hasn’t been easy … Continue reading Grace and Frankie Retrospective

What the Hell, Shel Silverstein?!

Before we get started, I should inform y’all that this post will come with a laundry list of content warnings. I will try my absolute best to get all of them.CW: Child abuse, child abandonment, alcoholism, transphobia, transmisogyny, misogyny, sexism, violence, incest, and a general feeling of, “yikes” You remember Shel Silverstein, right? There is … Continue reading What the Hell, Shel Silverstein?!