Just a heads up, I’ve been especially busy between this blog, my actual job (the one I get paid to do), and my personal life, as of late, so I’m going back to one article per week. I will be posting my articles every Friday at 6 am CST. I’m definitely not abandoning my writing. I just have a lot to balance at the moment and I’m exhausted at the moment. This won’t likely remain a permanent change. I like writing too much to not write as much as I can.

Anyways, thank you for listening. Thank you for your patience and understanding. And don’t worry. I’m still dedicated to bringing y’all the best articles I can write.

Love, Lara

PS: What you’re reading right now isn’t taking the place of a weekly article. I will have a new article up this Friday. I’ll be talking about The Avengers so if that catches your interest, please feel free to tune in.

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